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The illegal connections that leads to Burns in our senior high schools

See this connection from senior high school students simply because they are not allowed to phones, heaters and other electrical appliances

But they find their own way of making extension cords using bathroom slippers

The school didn't provide them sockets so the have to leak the wires and direct connection from the wires

And in this way is dangerous because the current flow directly through the wires without restrictions because of the absence of certain electrical devices that might control the current flow that is devices such as resistors, inductors and capacitor which might melt or burn to stop the flow of electrical current in case the is over current.

But with their extension and connections non of the above mentioned devices present.

So to my points of view the students should be allow to use those gadgets such the heaters so that they can use appropriate extension and connections to prevent the school from burning and as well as damaging the students themselves

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