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Why Examinations Are Not The Best Idea

Exams are basically taken to test the ability of a student. Examination is a test on a piece of paper, which students take to act as prove over what they've learnt. All the many schools in this world take part in Examinations, every student studying also participates in writing exams. Yeah there are many advantages that comes with Examinations, some of which helps with the students career. But like I always say, nothing is perfect. There are also many disadvantages associated with exams, and that is why for this article.

Examination is not the best idea for students, although it may seem like the perfect one. Many times have students wrote examination tests, and not all pupils are determined to pass the paper.

Examination is not a bad idea though, but it carries dire consequences. Some of which are related to health problems, social, psychological. Not all students face trouble after taking the test, but some do. Some tend to get heart attacks caused by the tension and pressure in the room, some face psychological problems and lose their confidence and will. And concerning social problems, competition between friends can cause a break in their friendship.

These problems if occurs, prevents the student from accomplishing their goals. Knowing that examination causes these changes in ones health, social life, and psychological problems, makes it not the best option for students.

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