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'See What Newly Admitted University Students Did That Sparked Reactions On Social Media' (Pictures)

The word 'carnival' itself brings forth tremendous excitement in the hearts of students and adults alike. The word spells enjoyment and an occasion for fun with friends and family. 

It's one of those moments in every student's life when they have the freedom to do whatever they want and dress however they want.

Some photos of students dressed up for their school carnivals have been shared on Facebook. 

The female students dress like possessed girls. They dress in native white and the men are dressed like native doctors and occultic people. If you meet them by chance, not knowing that there are students doing their school carnival, you will run for your life.

 Their outfits are frightening. All of this occurred at one of Nigeria's universities. Please share your experience with how you celebrated your school carnival in your time; did you dress like this when you were admitted to university?

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