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Sad moment: see what a teacher did when there was no computer in the school.

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Life is full of surprises and unforseen circumstances. Each an everyday there are new things that we see or hear that surprises us. A teacher in one of the rural areas has done something that is making a lot of Facebook user share their opinion about it. This teacher went to the class to teach his students Web Page Interface. And after explaining everything to the students, he wanted to show his students how Web Page Interface looks like. This teacher was not having any computer to show his students what Web Page Interface is so he decided to draw how it looks like on the black board. This teacher drew it nicely and most of the Facebook user are appreciating what the teacher did for his students. Please follow this article as I show you how the teacher drawn the Web Page Interface. The pictures are shown undernath.

Looking at the drawing that the teacher did, you can see that, he did well. This is one of the sad moment ever a teacher has come across because it is difficult to draw something on the chalkboard. This teacher must be awarded for being committed to his pupil. This happened at the Akwatia Denkyembour district.

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