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Ellembele District:Teachers Celebrity Retired Human Resource Management(HR).

If there is anybody in Nzemaland specifically Ellembele who has paid his dies to the development of education in Ghana and Ellembele then, this nobleman deserves it.

Mr. Paul K Quarshie is a retired educationalist. He has taught many people both on the educational and religious sides.

He was the immediate past human resource manager (HR) at Ellembele educational office. During his tenure as HR at Ellembele District Education Office, he groomed many teachers who although earned certificates to become ‘ TRAINED PROFESSIONAL`.

He was the father for all. As HR, his office was always open to all staff and various stakeholders of education. He always tries to make sure there is peaceful coexistence between the teachers, management, and administrators.

A man who loves to smile more than talk. A man who always makes sure the right thing is done at the right time.

Throughout his working age, he always tries to prove the God-factor as a true member of the Church of Christ. He is someone who believes in religious tolerance.

He counseled many untrained teachers to pursue further studies to become professional teachers.

He was then worshipping with Esiama Church of Christ, Atuabo Church of Christ, Asemda Church of Christ, and currently worship at Aiyinase Church of Christ all within Ellembele District in the Western Region.

Although he is a devoted Christian, he always makes sure our culture is preserved. He doesn’t ignore his cultural and traditional activities.

As the saying goes, everything that has a beginning has an end, Mr.Quashie retired as HR, and the day he left office, his indelible mark is boldly written on the tablets heart of teachers, administrators, and management who worked with him.

He is a clear definition of Humility. He exhibited both Socratic and Aristocratic pedagogies in teaching when he was in the classroom.

On behalf of the teaming youths of Ellembele, Nzemaland, and teachers in Ellembele, we pray for long life and good health for Mr. Quarshie. May the good Lord continue to bless him and his entire generation.

Mr. Quarshie, we say ‘ayekooooo’ for good work done. You have fought a good fight. You are a living legend.

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