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New revelations emanating from the re-opening of the JHS 2 pupils and SHS 2 students.

As the Junior High School (JHS) 2 pupils and the Senior High School (SHS) 2 students return to school, it will interest you to know that some private schools have developed some mechanisms to engage the juniors in other classes.

Some of the private schools have developed e-learning platforms to engage their pupils and students, whilst others are trying to mix the form 1's with the form 2's.

According to a proprietor I had an encounter with, Mr Yaw Adu said, "my form 2's are only 6 so if I say only the form 2's should come, where am I going to get money to pay the teachers? Since the government inventive is not in, I have to create a different classroom for the form 1's so that the money they will pay will be added to the form 2's and support the teachers".

Do they have a case?

What do you think?

If it is the safety of the pupils and the students, why should some teachers organise class at home and schools can't organise classes for their pupils or students in the schools?

Mr Yaw Adu Francis added that "parents themselves are begging us to organise classes for their children, because most of them do not stay at home to monitor what the children do?

Do you think the lessons done by the Ghana Education Service (GES), on our television stations and radio, benefits all students?

Can slow learners benefit from it?

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