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How To Attract Good luck, Market Sales and Brain Booster for Students

Hi lovely people hope everyone is doing well am back with another article which talks about honey and coconut.

Now to use honey for spiritual work, you need to turn it into an Holy Honey. The same way we have holy water is how we have holy honey.

To activate your honey for spiritual purpose, hold it in your hand, pray into it. Then breath on it 3x and you have activated it for spiritual use. 

Now back to the topic of today. This simple work is effective if you work with your fate. The Items needed are;

* Original Honey

* Coconut water

Use a sharp object to pierce one of the eyes of the coconut and pour the water into a jar. Pour honey into it. Mix very well.

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Anytime you are going to your shop or going to collect money or anything, use your right middle finger to mix it well, lick it or rub on your palm and face before going out. 

As you are doing this, command good luck, good sales, favours to locate you from all corners of the world. 

To those of you people that are salary earners that will collect their salary or earn money but cannot give account of how they spent the money, do this too. It is very very effective.

If you have kids that are still going to school, always give them this. It will boost their brains, make them sharp and their overall academic performance will improve.




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Holy Honey


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