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Hard Life: See What She Does To Earn A Living Year After She Graduated From School

Being a graduate is one of the best thing that can happen to any student. But the story or the journey does not end in becoming a graduate, but the whole success story is to secure a job. That is why I have advised many Ghanaian student that, graduating from your University with a good result is good, but that is not where it ends. For you to make it in life and earn a good living anywhere you find yourself so long as Ghana is concerned, try to learn a skill or make provision for plan B, so that you will not totally depend on the government to earn a living.

As a student, don't copy the lifestyle of some other students who are your course mates because, you never can tell if an already secured establishment is waiting for the person. And mind you that life is not bed of roses. That it is going well for you as a fresh graduate who was lucky to be employed in a good office, while others are still sourcing for jobs, doesn't mean that you're very smart but it is just that GOD made it to be so. And when you come across some of your mates and colleagues back then in school, who are still toiling to make it life while you're already living a life of luxury and comfortably, try to encourage them and not to belittle them for what they are passing through.

Below are the nature of work she does:

Judging form the story of the young lady who was posted in this article, it shows that some people don't find it easy to engage in other things to make a living. The Lady in this article Graduated from school for years, and she is yet to find herself a job. Thus she started doing many jobs to raise some money for her upkeep.

Her name is Drucilia who did all sort of jobs after leaving school. Some of the works she does are at Construction sites, development and sale of flowering ships on Facebook page Ade Divine

Drucilia can raise money from her job for her 3D proxy Training. She offers 3D proxy models service as the head of the "Think Africa 3D Epoxy".

In conclusion, Drucilia showed that truly with hard work, you can go a long way to achieve anything you put your mind in life. She has proven that all you need is to be persistent, consistent and be hardworking.

Congratulations to her.

Let's share this article for many people will learn from her success story.

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