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GIJ Students Still Unhappy with their Authorities.

Education is set to be the key to success, especially in this 21st century.

Every Parent is trying his/her possible best to get their children good education but some Authorities from Ghana Institute of Journalism have decided to deny some of the students availability of writing their exams thereby asking them to defer their courses.

According to the students, they are unable to pay their fees on the set date instructed by the Authorities but to their knowledge, they are only required to pay a pernalty of GH200 Cedis if they miss the deadline but not to deny them their right of writing exams to the extend of asking them to defer their courses.

Students who were interviewed on this issue said, some of them pay the fees by themselves and due to the COVID 19 pandemic they find it difficult to get the means to pay their fees. The reason being that they have lost their part-time jobs.

Also many parents who pay the fees for their ward have lost their jobs during this pandemic times so they find it difficult getting access to money on time to pay the fees.

This issue has made the Students unhappy therefore making them  demonstrate against such rule set by the Authorities.

The Students said this is unfair for the Authorities to do such a thing because it is their future.

Currently, there is ongoing meeting on how to resolve this issue.

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