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Calling a spade, a spade.

There are reports concerning some published educational materials that was intended to be used in our schools and that has generated a lot of talk and arguments few days ago.The Book, depicted the Ewe tribe in Ghana, as Juju loving people, and casting derogatory allusions and innuendos at them.

Now the Ewes claimed the materials is disrespectful, disgraceful, and as such should be rejected. The publisher and author of the books have both been condemned by some government personalities, elder statesmen, and concerned citizens, mostly of Ewe tribe.

It is understood or stated that in one of the sentences in the book, there is a name 'Efo', some people claimed to be very offensive and unacceptable.They stated that, the book as printed material, shouldn't target a particular tribe, neither isolate, nor denationalise anyone.

Ghana Education Service, GES and the national council for curriculum and assessment (NaCCA) made it known that the books is yet to be approved, and therefore, not recognised.

The books are seen as objects or source of severe arguments and protest, to an extent, some people want it burnt, while others see no reason to do so.

They argued that the books are educational materials containing mere sentence as contained in the book; "Efo agreed and prepared Juju for the players".

The people, who are not of the Ewe tribe, said the name 'Efo' is not a region neither a country, but mere pseudonym. They also said the out cry doesn't worth it and as such, it is hypocrisy to gain attention.

They gave references, reminding us all that sometime ago, GES and some award winning publishers and authors used some Akan names, especially some Ashanti names like 'Akua and Kofi' in almost every sentences in their books, and in a negative way. Ashantis as at then, didn't and never objected to the use of these names, neither they protest or point bend fingers, that could have caused confusion, and undermined Ghana's peaceful co-existence.

Now other tribes in Ghana feels that Voltarians are using the publication of the books for cheap politics and hypocrisy, and must take note that, the use of names in almost all fictional works as character, doesn't really attribute to a particular person or persons, tribe, neither colour, but pseudonym, and does not warrant uneccessary out cry or protest.

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