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The Clash Between Traditional Halls: Full Story Behind KUNST "Security Zone" Declaration.

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) has been declared a security zone by the Ashanti Regional Security Council for varied reasons. The KNUST campus has always been declared a security zone during their examination period. This is so because many students spend late hours learning. On their way back to the room of abode, they meet bandits and/or robbers who take away their phones or laptop.

However, the security size on campus has increased because of what some students with residence at Katanga and Unity hall plan to do. This matter has aggravated the number of police on campus according to the University’s Relations Officer- Dr Norris Bekoe.

According to Dr Norris, there was some infinitesimal clash between Unity Hall and Katanga Hall some two weeks ago. Apparently, some residence of Unity Hall spread their jacket on a statue in front of Katanga Hall. That action was a disrespectful and war enticing move. Indeed, students from both halls exchanged stones and the university security was quick to invade and calm nerves down.

The students of both Halls, however, decided that they will bring finality to their feud right after exams on Friday. This information reached the school’s authority and quickly invited the police into the matter. They have herein told all students to vacate the school’s premises right after their last exams, except international students and students with special reasons to be on campus.

Dr Norris also told JoyNews that the students should all go home and if they will continue their fights at their various homes that are up to them. The university cannot incur another cost like what happened years ago where the university incurred over 3million costs for fixing damaged items.

Indeed, this is very troubling, sometimes I look at what other universities across the globe are doing and I am convinced that Ghana is joking. Our traditional universities are found of doing these reckless moves that end them in no way. Some even get their certificates confiscated for years because of an action they took to uphold the image of their halls of residence. What a joke. 

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