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New Date For JHS Curriculum Training; Ghc20 to teachers daily on food


CCP training for all JHS teachers which was postponed has now been rescheduled.

This workshop is going to strengthened our basic education structure. We have already heard that JHS will be returning to school on 18th January and on semester basis.

This training is going to also empower the teachers about new methodologies to teach our younger ones.

It is now set on 11th January , 2021 that is Monday coming.

The Duration for the said exercise was 8 days but it has now been shortened to 5 days( Monday to Friday).

Part of the letter to all directors on their platforms reads: 

"Good evening Directors and happy new year.The CCP which was postponed has been re-scheduled to Monday 11th January.We are using 5days not 8day as per the first letter.

Total number of participants per District and T&T will be communicated to you. The feeding still stands at 20gh per participant per day."

So we hope all JHS teachers would re-schedule their affairs to meet the new date. 

Thanks for your attention

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