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Sources of Funding in Education


Funding of education by the state can be viewed as providing money and physical inputs such as school building, textbooks, teaching and learning materials and personnel to ensure the proper functioning of the education sector. The central government of Ghana is the predominant source of funding for education in Ghana. For example, it is indicated that the government spending on education increased substantially to about 48% between 2016/2017 and 2018/2019 that is from 678 billion to 1,300 billion respectively. During the same period development partners also increased their funding from 90 billion to 120 billion.

Education though not a profit-making enterprise but the engine for the growth of the nation is very expensive to run. Plato (400BC) once said education should be the sole responsibility of the government. Government of Ghana since 1951 accelerated development plan of education has been financing education up to the tertiary level. 

Parents contribution, this is an association of parents who have their children in the school. They give contributions to the school by paying PTA dues, the free senior high school policy has rendered parent association inactive. In the past, the PTA has contributed to the development of education in the country by providing infrastructure, buses and other educational materials.

Religious bodies, are religious groups that are found in the locality. These may be Christians, Islamic and other religious groups. Many religious bodies continue to contribute in no small way in funding education. Establishment of schools by Christian religious groups, the catholic church has established schools all over the country, for example, Holy Child Secondary School, The Anglican church established schools such as Adisadel College in Cape Coast, Presbyterian Boys Secondary School was established by Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The Ahmadiyya Mission also established schools like T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School, Nsayiya Senior High School at Kasoa and so on. They undertake physical structural development by building and rehabilitation works which cost about one billion cedis.

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