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VIDEO: Teacher Allows Students To Demonstrate How To Do The Thing Properly In Bed

Sex Education is part of the topics to be treated at school to make the adolescent child understand certain changes in the body. Topics like puberty and reproduction, teenage pregnancy, abstinence, sex violence, contraception and condoms, among others are taught at the Senior High Secondary Schools. The teacher was teaching his students how to use female condoms but the demonstration seems to be a little bit out of the topic.

The teacher was captured in a classroom holding a foam with a female condom inside. He also has a wooden penis. In the course of his teaching, he called a female student to come and demonstrate how proper penetration is done. The student also came and put the foam on her thing and inserted the penis into the foam and showed her friends how to insert the penis without hurting the lady.

The girl said that "The lady has to hold it like this and gently put it inside". The teacher further explains that it is the lady who is supposed to insert the penis into the female condom because the guy may insert it wrongly due to high excitement.

You can also watch the video through this link:

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