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Five university courses that will 99.99% get you a job. These courses will never let you down

Choosing the right course in the university to pursue can be a stressful journey especially if you want to graduate and get employed immediately. Pursuing the wrong course can leave you unemployed for years. These five university courses will greatly increase your chances of employment if you study them well and get very good at them. You will also need to do these courses in one of the reputable universities in Ghana to further increase your chances of getting hired. Let me state that the aim of this article is to assist you to identify university courses that will easily help you land a job and not courses that pay the most in the job market. I will touch on the latter in my next article. Let's begin the list:

1. Bachelor of education: Pursuing a bachelor of education is one of the safest decisions you can make. This is known by many Africans. Teaching is not a lucrative profession in Ghana. It is usually the last option chosen by most Ghanaians. However, it is one of the jobs that is almost guaranteed in Ghana. The most important note is that you should pursue it in a reputable university. This will increase your chances of being absorbed in the public sector.

You might also find yourself in the administrative sector of Ghana education services. It is almost impossible to be unemployed after pursuing a bachelor of education in preferably a public university

2. Computer programming: Programming or software development is one of the hottest professions in Ghana and around the world. With the rise of agritech and other software development companies, you will almost never be out of options. The beautiful thing about this course is you can easily get a job outside Ghana without travelling due to remote working. If you are an expert at software development you can also earn a very high salary. This is my favourite course among the five courses listed here.

Systems Analyst vs. Software Developer: Complementary Technical Experts |  Maryville Online

3. Medicine: it is the dream of most high school science students to study medicine at the university. Medical doctors may not be one of the best-paid workers but it is a profession that guarantees a job. It is near impossible to go through medical school and end up being employed. Aside from the ease of being absorbed into the public sector, there are also uncountable private hospitals you can work in on a part-time basis.

4. Nursing and midwifery: Nursing, like education almost 100% guarantees you employment. But the caution is to pursue this course in a public university to increase your chances of employment. Nursing will never make you jobless in Ghana if you pursue it at the right university.

Thread with extreme caution when choosing a university for this course as nursing from some universities will not get you hired.

5. Financial analysis: This is gradually becoming one of the hottest courses. Unfortunately, not many universities run this course. Demand for financial analysts is on the rise. If you study this course really well your job opportunities are very high. Your job opportunities will go well beyond Ghana. You will also likely get remote jobs in the US, UK and other countries without the need to travel. However, as mentioned you should be very good at it.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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