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Facts about vacation students should take note of.

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As it is right now, many students are at home enjoying they're vacation. It is right for you to rest your mind after all those learning. Also many students have a wrong idea about vacation, see we go on vacations to rest, have fun, to learn new things or to study ahead. Unfortunately some students have left out the part with learning new things and studying ahead, and are only focusing on having fun and relaxing.

Why don't we put it this way, if vacations were given purposely to rest, then we'd rather go with mid terms. Because the mind doesn't need that much time to recover, it will only take a few days for you to rest yourself. If so then mid terms would probably be better than vacations. You could be given 1 or 2 weeks to go home and relax and eventually when it ends, you'll be good to continue your studies.

Vacations on the other, is for you to explore new things, learn new skills. If one is at home on a vacation, you definitely can't stay home for one month without trying something new. That's the main reason for vacations, also teachers would want they're students to study ahead of their topics. They wouldn't want you lacking behind, that's why vacations are given. If not so then we'll probably go with mid terms, that way you'll just rest your mind and body.


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