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Good News To These Teachers Who Could Be In This Rank.

Teaching sector is basically made of many ranks, just as some other services, police, soldier, custom, immigration amongst others. Among these ranks are senior superintendent ll and l, principal Suprintendent and many more. Everyone in the field has a particular rank he or she belongs to, depending on the person's qualifications and the period of service.

In this article, we are going to learn these groups of teachers who can specifically be ranked in to Principal superintendent.

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1. Teschers who have serve for 3 or more years and are diploma holders. A teacher who has been able to serve for the period of 3 or more years in senior Suprintendent l has actually qualified to be in the rank of Principal Suprintendent. If you fall in this first group of teachers, then you becoming a principal Suprintendent is guaranteed.

2. A teacher with a degree certificate. If you are teacher with a degree qualification, you stand a very good chance of being ranked a principal Suprintendent. However, those with diploma as I said earlier have to serve for over 3 years before being upgraded on to this rank.

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