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Two Students Apprehended Kissing On School Premises

Sometimes when we think about why we do certain stuff, it is really hard to understand why. But one thing is for sure, and that is that we act on our own terms, by our own rules. We just obey certain ones because we feel the need to. All these things are connected to us and the reason is because of our emotions getting the best of us.

So all these behaviors were see teenagers putting up, they are all because of their emotions. Each and every day we find out something new about the behavior our kids are putting up, and although we try as much to help, it isn't just enough.

The image above here shows two students, female and male kissing. Now we all know that this is normal in some countries, but not here in Ghana. See these students after their exams, decided to go hide out and do as they please. Knowing very well that, it is against school rules.

This behavior is not something that they can not control or the feeling, its just that they get too drawn into it. They just need to learn how to control their emotions, so that they can prevent themselves from acting as such.


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