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I Need A Job; I Have No Interest For School.

I need a job. I'm seventeen years old girl. Don't mind my age, I can work. Any job that I will get, I will do it. Whether the job is in Ghana or aboard, I'm ready to work at anywhere. I'm energetic and robust girl, and so any job fits me.

I have no interest for school. I'm schooling, and I'm in form two at senior high school. Today, I have realized that I have to stop school and find a job. I'm no more interested in schooling. Since I started schooling, the only benefit I have gotten from education is that, I have been able to learn English as a foreign language. Aside that, school has ruin my life, and for that matter, I no more have interest to go to school again.

Everyday I demand money from my parents just to spend it at school, while I don't get any profit in turn. I spend many hours in school every schoolday, but at the end of the term, I don't pass examination. Why should I stress myself while school won't help me?

I need a job! I will get more money from working and achieve my aspirations unlike school. I need a job; I have no interest for school. If you have some let me know.

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