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Hilarious jokes: A student submitted A love letter to his madam instead of the assignment

When Kweku copied Kodzo in the exam hall

Kodzo and Kweku are two friends in the final year. 

During their last paper, the invigilator announced that it is left with 15 minutes to stop work. This is the conversation that transpired afterward.

Kweku: have you finished the work?

Kodzo: not yet oo. I'm done with section B and it's left with section A.

Kweku: I haven't done anything oo. Give me section B let me copy very fast.

Kodzo: ok. Take it and be fast.

Kweku: don't worry I'll be fast (he said as he took the paper)

Invigilator: Be getting ready to stop work!

Kweku asked for his paper but Kodzo was busily writing and did not mind him. The invigilator finally said Stop Work!

Kodzo: give me my paper

Kweku: I'm sorry Kodzo, the things are too many and I couldn't even copy a quarter so I canceled your index number and name and replaced it with mine.

Kodzo: what?

Hahaha. What will you do if you were Kodzo?

When Donkor sent a love letter to her teacher instead of the assignment

Donkor was in love with his class teacher. The teacher was physically endowed so much that her male teachers admire her as well. One day after class, the madam gave out homework to her students to do and submit it the next day.

When Donkor got home and was doing the homework, all he could think of was her madam. He managed to finish the assignment.

He took another paper and wrote all her feelings for his madam on it.

The next morning, the madam requested the assignment and Donkor mistakenly sent the love letter instead of the assignment.

Donkor realized what he has done and runs home, never to return to the school again.

What will you do if you were Donkor?

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