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We All Know You Are A Failed Monopolist But Nobody Seems To Be Able To Say It Loudly - Kwaku Azar

Highly classified and revered professor Kwaku Asare widely known as Kwaku Azar has delved once again into another silent happening that seems not to get the attention of Ghanaians.

His import here indicates there are few Ghanaian students that are strivings to make amends with their failed examination papers and get to better their grades with a re-sit.

He openly said:

"You claim students have failed some papers in an examination conducted in October/November 2020".

"You charge them ₵1,500 per paper to regrade their scripts. Under your own rules, you promise to do this within 5 weeks. This will let students know where they stand and let them plan for the next exam in March 2021".

"Here we are in March 2021. Several months after collecting ₵1,500 per paper, the regrading has not been done. The March exam season is in progress. And the poor students are just supposed to accept it because they are Ghanaians".

"If they go to court and get a judgment, as in Prince Ganaku you won’t comply. If Parliament directs you to charge reasonable fees you won’t follow".

"We all know you are a failed monopolist but nobody seems to be able to say it loudly.The time to break up this non-performing, moribund monopolist is now".

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Ghanaian Kwaku Asare


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