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Teachers to smile to the bank as Professional Allowance hits validation for Payment in November

Teachers received the first ever payment of professional development allowance in 2020, an election year. A lot of Ghanaians believed it was a vote buying strategy and the payment was to lured teachers to vote for the government. Teacher Professional Development allowance has come to stay and it has been embedded in the teachers’ salary. The payment of professional development allowance has been agreed to be paid annually. In the year 2020, the professional development allowance was paid in the month of November.

The professional development allowance for 2021 has been released for payment for the month of November, the electronic salary payment voucher has been sent to department and agencies for validation, the teacher professional development allowance has been reflected on the electronic payment voucher pending for validation.

Before salaries are paid, the Controller Accountant General Department send the electronic payment voucher to department and agencies for the head of units to validate the workers who are at post and are working for the Accountant General department to be sure, monies are paid to persons who deserved and have worked for it.

The payment of the professional allowance in the month of November will put smiles on the faces of teachers, this will enable teachers to prepare for the Christmas. The professional development allowance paid to teachers is meant for teachers to develop themselves professionally and academically, the professional development allowance is a form of aid by government to sponsor teachers to upgrade themselves in the service.

National Teaching Council in collaborations with educational institutions and agencies are organizing a professional development workshop for teachers, the training programs for teachers is to help the teachers develop themselves professionally and updates them on the current trend of technology in education. The fees charged for the professional development allowance is more than the amount paid by government, with the Teacher Continuous Development Plan specified by NTC, teachers are to take 21 courses to accumulate points for the renewal of teacher’s license.

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