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National Service(NSS): Message to all final year university students who just completed school

While you wait for the postings to be out, this a few things you need to take note before the service program begin.

You are about to leave school and start life. You are about to leave under the financial support of your parents to depend financially on your own. You are about to be seen as someone to be called on or rely on for financial help because you are about working. Most of you are now about to have their first working experience. Some made it in school (with First Class and other Academic Achievements), but Life actually begins after school. 

This is the sad reality: the fact that you've made it in school doesn't guarantee that you will make it in life. Making it in school has no correlation to making it in life. Do not be surprised to hear or see a Third Class or a Pass student securing a high paying job right after Nation Service whiles a First Class student is still struggling to find his feet after Service, this is not by accident, what the real life present itself to us is far beyond the four corners of the University. 

You've got to think and act strategically and different from what most people do, else you may be heading towards an unpleasant and unexpected outcome.

I am going to show you what you need to know and do to be ahead as you are about starting your National Service. 

First, you should endeavor to build your World of Work Connections. Enough of the social networking. What you need now are people who can help to link you up to opportunities. Those better and more experience than you. Do whatever positive thing you can and explore avenues to build and improve your World of Work Connections.

Secondly, serving your Community, Service Company, volunteering to impact change within your immediate settings will create and open doors of opportunities for you. 

Also, do well to contest for NASPA Elections (National Service Personnel Association of Ghana). This will open you up to meet new people, develop your leadership stills and serve your other Service Personnel. There are great rewards in serving. Serve no matter where you find yourself and you will see opportunities. 

Furthermore, if you want to be competitive and grab opportunities as they come your way, then learn a skill. The skill should be valuable and marketable. 

Again, do side business. There's no way you can comfortably depend on your 559 for survival. Use your mind to think and create something and offer it for a price. Have it in your mind that you are going to run and establish your own business in the future and work very hard and remain focus in making it a reality. 

Finally, you must know that you're fully responsible for whatever happens to you. Don't apportion blames. Focus on working on your weaknesses and improving on yourself.

Use your National Service time strategically, don't waste it, develop yourself, learn a skill, get a mentor, explore for connections and remain focus and work hard. Surely, you will find yourself achieving and succeeding in all what you wanted. Most importantly, do not give up because the road will nerve be easy. Take the risk, follow your intuition, stop dreaming and take action only then will you see change. 

I wish you all the best as you are about to offer your Service to the Nation.

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