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The Brain Behind Kumasi Girls Final year Students Demonstration

Riots in general, the causes are varied, students riots have often been unfair treatment from school authorities. Lack of proper planning by the management of Ghana Education has caused a lot of confusion in school, GES announced the reopening of schools whereby students travel to the schools for them to be told the date has been postponed, many Ghanaians were disappointed in Ghana Education Service, this caused massive reactions in the country. The public relation of the Ghana Education Service lost its reputation in the mud as Ghanaians questioned their competency. 

Failure to plan is planning to fail, at the beginning of each academic year, the academic calendar is released by the Ghana Education Service for schools which include dates of reopening, holidays, mid-semester break and vacation. A couple of days ago somebody got up from his bed and released a circular to Heads of Senior High Schools to allow their final year students to go on mid-semester break while students were writing their mock examination, this unplaned mid-semester came as a surprise to the Heads and the raised the red flag to alert Ghana Education Service, Students are in the middle of their mock examinations, sending them home will interrupt the examination timetable since some schools have planned to write three mock examinations before the WASSCE.

When this got to the table of the authority in charge, coming out to rescind the decision of the mid-semester break rather hide behind Ghana Health Service to release a circular less than twenty-four hours to direct the Heads not to allow the students to go home but stay in the school during the mid-semester break. The cause of students rioting in Kumasi Girls Senior High School is as the result of both circulars released by the Ghana Education Service. It seems those in charge of education does not follow laid down procedures, Ghana Education Service is aware of three hundred fifty schools with a positive case of COVID-19, so if they know this what is the essence for them to release a circular for students to go home.

Was this a plan to save money on feeding the students? In this era of technology, the students get access to information on social media platforms, the students felt, Ghana Education Service has granted them to go on mid-semester break and their school authorities are denying them of the mid-semester break. There was no point in asking Heads to send students home for mid-semester break. Somebody is not doing his job right or sleeping on the job.


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