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Study Tips I Wish I Knew About.

Studying can be tiring sometimes. It requires a lot of motivation, intrinsic more than extrinsic in my opinion. However as a student, studying is a lifestyle. This can be draining both physically and mentally when approached the wrong way. If you are like me then you are constantly looking for ways to make that lifestyle a little easy and always be in the mood to study.

Here are some study hacks to get you going.

1. Plan with yourself

Most times we make plans to study by making a list of the things we need to study and on what days. In the same vain, we need to have a plan with yourself. By this i mean have a one on one conservation with yourself that you're going to go hard on your books for your stated period of time. Get your mind and yourself ready by speaking to it. Remind yourself of why you are studying. By this you will find that you are motivated to study much more.

2. Make a schedule

Set a specific day and time to study everyday. Very soon you will fall in a routine of studying. Routine is very important for us as humans. It makes us feel confident in our ways. By having a routine of studying every day, you will find it a lot easy to pick up a book and study.

3. Set study goals

Make a list of things you want to achieve at the end of every study period. It could be that you want to finish a certain chapter at the the end of a study period or two topics. Whatever it is, write it down and tick it off when you have achieved it.

4. Start small study habits

Forming study habits is very important in getting you in the mood of study always. Study habits can range from reading articles on topics you are going to treat at a latter time that day when studying, to solving questions. I have found that when i have maths to study, i became more motivated when i start by solving past questions. I can start from whatver topic by solving questions. This gives me a fair idea of what i know and what is expected of me to know. It also boosts my confidence when i get the solution right. When i don't, i make a mental note to tackle that topic well when it's time for maths on my study schedule.

5. Use different study techniques

The best way to study is to apply different study techniques in your learning. Here are some examples of study techniques :

  ●Reading and writing it down 

  ●Using flash cards

  ●Using mnemonics. (make them catchy and funny to help you remember easily) 

  ●Using mind maps by creating connections with the things you study 

  ●Making up questions and answering as you study 

You may have one that works best for you but it would not hurt to switch things up once in a while and try a different study technique. 

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