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Meet Kiki Mordi, Fought Against Sexual Harassment In Universities

Nkiru "Kiki" Mordi is a Nigerian investigative journalist, media personality, film maker, writer and entrepreneur. She was born on the 12th of August, 1991. She is currently 30 years old.

when she was at the university, she suffered harassment from a lecturer which made her not to finish school. She would write tests and exams, but the lecturer would pretend as of she never wrote them, he would not mark her papers nor give them back to her. This was because she refused to give in to the sexual advances of the lecturer. She said her dad always used to call her his little doctor, and so, since she could not finish school, she felt really bad.

Therefore, through the BBC Africa eye, she went under cover to expose lecturers who sexually harass students (Harassment For Grades). From Nigeria, University of Lagos popularly known as UNILAG, Dr. Boniface Igbenehu, who was a pastor of the Foresquare Gospel Church, was exposed. From Ghana, University of Ghana, LEGON Professor Gyampo who belonged to the political science department. Even though other lectures were exposed, these two lecturers were caught clean on tape in the act.

Even after irrefutable evidence that some lecturers harass students sexually for grades, an interview with some of the girls from certain universities revealed that corruption is involved in the situation as some of them claim that lecturers do not harass students for grades. I was held in shock when I heard them say such. They were literally vying for lecturers that harass students sexually.

I am very sure that with the existence of personalities like Kiki Mordi, the rights of females, women, girls will not be dormant but be thoroughly and expertly enforced. Hence, I pledge myself solely to help in the fight against sexual harassment against women in this era we have found ourselves in, so help me God.

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