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What is Happening Here? Video Of Nursing Students Doing This While On Campus Causes Stir Online

According to a video which has raised a lot of reactions on the social media has spotted nursing training college students twerking to each other while a band was playing. From the video, it was observed that all these students were females doing it to themselves while dancing to a background song. Well there is nothing wrong with the video but how most people have reacted massively to the video has raised a lot of concern on the social media. Most people who reacted to the video has it that, what these students are doing could be attributed to LGBTQI+ and it's related activities.

Most of these activities is believed to be learnt in our various schools whether in senior high level or the tertiary level.

Kindly follow the link below to watch the video and don't forget to share to other people

The fact is there is a bill in the parliament which is yet to be passed to ban LGBTQ and it's related activities. And due to that, most people are eager to do away with all these activities which are in connection with LGBTQI.

Ghanaians have culture which we all must comprehend no matter how the world has become. Many people are arguing on whether to legalize LGBTQI because most people believe it is a right of people. Well that could be their understanding but the fact that we need to understand is that, Ghana has its own culture to go by and not to be directed by any other country. Well most people are fighting against the LGBTQI and it's related activities.

Watch the video carefully and kindly share with us your view using the comment section below and don't forget to share to other people.



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