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Doing It The American Way: Kelvin Taylor Schools The Government On Free Education And Digitalization

"Ghana has brought a card that can be used in a system to keep track of the citizen's agenda and the money they have in their accounts."

"Through this, the government will know what every parent is making so there should be a threshold."

"Thus, if you cross that threshold, you don't fall under free SHS. It doesn't matter how intelligent your kid is."

"You can easily use this means to determine whose kid gets free education and whose kid doesn't."

"The government has to tackle the basics by building the schools and migrating institutions from analog to digital."

"This is what America does. The system knows what every parent makes in a month and year because any organization that officially employs you pays tax to the government."

"At the end of the day, the government will know who is poor and who isn't. Do you know the number of people who are rich and taking advantage of free SHS?"

"The Ghana card can separate the rich from the poor. I am comparing you to America and other countries you for loans from."

"All we do is just sit down for Bawumia to speak grammar to us."

You've heard Kelvin Taylor CEO of Loud Silence Tv, what he had to say about digitalization, the Ghana card, tax payment, and free education.

What's your view on this?

Here's the link to the video from 1hr:17mins:00secs

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Ghana It The American Way


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