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There is nothing special about training lawyers - Veep fires

Legal education has became very competitive in Ghana presently.

It takes a whole lot for one to successfully complete legal education in Ghana.

After securing the normal 4years undergraduate degree in law, LLB, one must also be able to successfully gain admission into the Ghana School of Law, Markola where a professional certificate would be awarded in order for one to practise law in Ghana.

People spend tens of thousands of cedis and in some cases other currencies to study for the LLB certificate but get turned away when they attempt to study for the professional certicate.

The Ghana School of Law conducts entrance exams as a standard procedure for admitting students.

Thousands of students are denied admission into the Ghana school of Law because of 'alleged' poor performances in the entrance exams.

Many have expressed worry about this situation. Some argue that for a developing democracy like ours, legal education must be opened to all to enhance or strengthen our democracy in areas like human rights protection and so on.

Some are also opposed to this view, insisting that the legal profession is a noble one - one that cannot be opened to just anybody, and for which reason there should always be measures to preserve the integrity and the conservatism of the profession.

Senior Vice President of IMANI-Africa, Kofi Bentil is of the view that although the Ghana School of Law has been of great assistance to produce lawyers in the country, it has outlived its usefulness.

According to him, the institution’s current practice of conducting entrance examinations, which he considers unconstitutional continues to deprive the country of potential lawyers.

Speaking on JoyNews' News file, Saturday, he noted that the system only serves as an avenue for the reputable institution to extort money from members of the general public who have decided to chart the legal path as a profession.

“This country needs more lawyers. The Ghana Law school has outlived its usefulness. We are restricting the production of lawyers to the capacity of the Ghana Law School and that doesn’t make sense. Especially also because, there are other institutions that are better resourced than the Ghana School of Law to train lawyers.

There is nothing special about the training of lawyers beyond the training of doctors, accountants and other professional courses for which we should restrict it all to one small school and continue to oppress people unconstitutionally by basically, extorting money from them for re-marking and all kinds of situations. " he said.

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