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Sad:- See what really happened to these 10 school children that made them lose their lives

At least, 3 pupils of the LEA primary school in Kubwa Abuja have been confirmed dead after allegedly eating biscuits shared by another pupil during school hours in celebration of his birthday.

According to DailyTrust, the late students identified as Na’imat Yahaya who is 14 years of age and Yahaya Garba also 14 years both in primary four, died after returning to their homes.

The third late student identified as Moses Sunday of primary one, was said to have been taken to the Kubwa hospital along with two other school pupils namely Aisha Isa and Hasiya Haruna on the day of the party.

He died on Wednesday while the two others are said to be in stable condition. The development has led to confusion in the area, with parents storming the school to pick their children.

However, this news is not true because that was not what really happened. In LEA primary school, an event was going on outside the school and there was a great stampede which made them the people outside bash into the school for safety.

No one really knows what caused the stampede because the event was a little boy far from the school.

A few pupils were outside and the stampeding people walked over them, they were being trampled and stamped upon and this caused their sudden death.

Luckily, there were nurses and doctors in the school but they confirmed that the pupils were dead and nothing else can be done.

The parents of the respective pupils were called to come for their wards. They came in there and the tears they were shedding was just sad.

The reason why we heard the news that they were killed by birthday gift is that, how the stampede was caused was just mysterious because they all knew there was an event but what really happened the confusion there which made a rampage occur was no one knew.

So, the witnesses who were bloggers had to fabricate the story to make it look real that it was birthday gift because they did not have much facts on the stampede that occurred.

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