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What Every Student Should Expect When School Reopens

For all we know right now, the academical system is kind of unstable. A lot of changes are being made on how students and teachers are going to teach and learn. But one thing is for sure, that the students are lacking behind. Many topics are left for them to cover up, and in a short period of time as well. Right now, teachers are the ones frustrated about how quick they can cover up all the unfinished topics, in such a short period of time.

Now what all pupils should expect when they go back to school is that, the teachers won't waste their time to ask if they all understand. Rather teachers would want that their students, should finish the topics on their own. So that when they're teaching, their work will be much easier because they'll just be revising the topics with the students.

This time that things are complicated, students should take note that things won't go all easy like first. Teachers will be rushing to cover up with all the remaining topics, to be able to move on with studies.

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