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Ghana Education Service: Academic Intervention For Double Track Schools.

Ghana Education Service: Academic Intervention For Double Track Schools.

Management of Ghana Education Service introduced academic intervention for double track schools in 2018, the intervention was introduced for teachers to cover topics specified in the syllabus and Learning lost. Guidelines for the intervention was given to schools to follow, a timetable template was designed for all schools to serve as a blueprint for schools to prepare their academic intervention timetable.

With the intervention program, teachers were tasked to identify areas of difficulties among students and develop a strategy to help the students to catch up with their peers, the focus was on the four core subjects English, Mathematics, Integrated Science and Social studies. Elective subjects were designed to follow upon successful implementation of the core subjects academic intervention.

Schools designed a timetable for weak students to provide them with academic intervention to enable them to cope with classrooms activities after school, the intervention program was designed to give students additional one hour tuition after school.

Teachers involved in the academic intervention were given allowances which were paid by government once in a year. This intervention program was effective in 2018 and 2019. Teachers were happy to provide their students with additional tuition for allowance since extra classes which was given teachers additional source of income was ceased by government due to free secondary education policy.

Payment of the academic intervention allowance was ceased from 2020 academic year, schools are no longer providing academic intervention for weak students. Parents who can afford extra tuition for their wards in school are not allowed to do so, it is prohibited for a teacher to organize extra classes in the school facilities.

Teachers have to spend about three weeks to revise previous topics and recover learning lost, teachers find it difficult to complete topics which are supposed to be treated for academic semester. Students whose parents cannot afford extra tuition are disadvantaged, competing with other students who have prepared themselves adequately with extra tuition.

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