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Boozing Curvaceous Body or Boozing Brain? The University of Ghana Visits the Poll to Decide.

Is that year of the academic season again where new Students’ Representative Council (SRC) leaders must replace those leaving office. This time around, the case of the University of Ghana is up for discussion for various reasons. The simple fact of the matter is that both ladies who intend to occupy the office of the General Secretary have voluptuous bodies and Ghanaians just can’t stop talking about this.

I lived on the University of Ghana campus for close to 5 years. Because I was from Kumasi, I didn’t find it interesting to travel back always after vacation. So, I had a room on campus where I stayed for the time being. I lived with many SRC executives and I fairly understand their kind of works and operations. But I must admit one thing, in all my observations and empirical knowledge, rarely did I chanced on an SRC flyer that was fully bodied like that of Derry Rebecca Mwinviel.

Indeed, the image got me perplexed: I soliloquized, what could be her motive. Having this voluptuous body will definitely get boys talking and she will trend. Lo and behold, she has become the topic of the moment. As we all know, men are moved by what they see whilst women are moved by what they hear. Could it be that she is using her body as an object to attract attention and traffic on her side? And later win the ladies too in that same spirit?

Inasmuch as I understand the school of thought that believes in using what you have to get what you want, is this part of the schemes to employ? If the body of the General Secretary is objectified and subsequently it wins her power, what are some dire actions she could take to win goodies to herself? A few years ago, a certain Member of Parliament called Victoria was alleged to use her voluptuous hips and butts to win her way into power. Her mission was to get 5 million dollars from Ghana’s purse and exit. This comment brought her shame and I rarely see her doing politics lately.

Look, whatever Derry is up to, I think she shouldn’t objectify her body for power. This country needs more bright leaders and SRC positions are the best places to start from. And if it has to be done, it has to be done well in good faith and genuine commitment to serve. Any other negative motive shouldn’t be tolerated.

I think both the ladies should be given a hearing. Upon listening to both sides, the students can decide who truly have good plans and intentions for them. It could be Derry or Naadu. But whatever be the case, no one should use her naturally endowed features to win her way into power again.

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