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National Council for Curriculum and Assessment create Public Awareness

National Council for Curriculum and Assessment ( NACCA) has reacted to the on-going misunderstandings between some publishers of textbooks and some Tribes in the country ( Ghana). Some tribes are of the view that NACCA is deliberately allowing some textbooks in the Ghanaian Educational system that has some sort of hatred among certain tribes. The Ghana Education Service also has themselves to blame. Since the introduction of the new curriculum, there haven't been any text books supplied to Schools and Teachers to aid in the implementation of the curriculum. In view of this, NACCA has reacted by denying these allegations. They have also created awareness to the general public by giving us a short code which is applicable to all networks. So before you buy a textbook, check whether the book and publisher has been accredited before you buy the book. Personally, I think this is a very good move by NACCA to clamp down unaccredited publishers.

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