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To All Students: Before You Go to Back to School, Find The Nearest in Meaning for These Words.

It's been a long time since students have stayed home after schools were closed in the preceding year. Fortunately for all students, schools have be reopened. Students are ready to go back to school again. But before you go back to school, I want to know whether you took your studies when at home. I have questions for all students to solve from English Language. They are questions from "nearest in meaning".

Nearest in meaning or synonym is a word or a phrase which has nearly the same meaning as another word in the same language. This topic under English Language is very vital because, it appears in all examination questions. Since it appears in every examination questions, I want to remind students about it by asking questions from that topic before you go back to school.

There are twelve questions in these article, find the nearest in meaning for the word in each question. The words which you are to find its nearest in meaning are those that are bold in each question. For each question, there are four alternative answers lettered from A - D, choose the correct answer for each question.

1. Our dependable goalkeeper saved us from disgrace.

A. Reliable

B. Tall

C. Smart

D. Muscular

2. A neutral referee handled the final match.

A. Foreign

B. Local

C. Impartial

D. Athletic

3. The pupils were jubilating because they had passed their examinations.

A. Singing

B. Shouting

C. Dancing

D. Rejoicing

4. Mary's dream is to become a celebrated musician.

A. Gospel

B. Rich

C. Famous

D. Reggae

5. George is a talented football player.

A. Strong

B. Gifted

C. Dull

D. Lucky

6. The manager was dismissed for gross inefficiency.

A. Laziness

B. Incompetence

C. Dishonest

D. Misconduct

7. All the pupils are skillful at using the computer.

A. Interested

B. Lazy

C. Expert

D. Happy

8. The parent who donated the books to our school wants to remain anonymous.

A. Quiet

B. Rich

C. Unimportant

D. Unknown

9. Kofi is the most popular man in the village.

A. Wanted

B. Respected

C. Liked

D. Feared

10. The P.T.A meeting has been postponed.

A. Delayed

B. Cancelled

C. Held

D. Announced

11. Henry is gentle but his sister is arrogant.

A. Shy

B. Proud

C. Clever

D. Tough

12. Mr Mensah was furious when his son failed the examination.

A. Angry

B. Anxious

C. Shocked

D. Frightened

Students should note that the key here is to find the nearest in meaning for the words indicated above. If you found it difficult to answer, you can answer these by the help of a dictionary.

Please follow me for more educational articles. Share this to many students you can to solve these questions too.

Content created and supplied by: Harriet_Appiah (via Opera News )

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