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A Teacher Schooled the President on How to Conquer the enemy in the mirror to become a millionaire

Teaching is the specialized application of knowledge, skills and attributes designed to provide unique service to meet the educational needs of the individual and society. The choice of learning activities whereby the goals of education are realized in the school is the responsibility of the teaching profession. Teaching is a noble profession that comes with so much responsibility and duty towards students. Teachers do not only teach and impart knowledge but inspire and motivate students for life and take important steps in life.

A career in teaching requires people who have the conviction to nurture young minds and mould them into something great. Since time immemorial, the profession of teaching has been considered as one of the noblest professions. Educators have always played the role of catalysts for various social changes in society.

Many of us are our own worst enemies when it comes to investing, teachers don't like taking risks. Teaching is the only profession one can do other business. Others will go to work stay up to 5 pm. A teacher will close from school 2-3 pm and can run any business. A teacher can be a blogger which will fetch him 500 to 1000 dollars a month. There are a lot of social media bloggers who have made it big from blogging, Zion Felix, Chris Vincent and Arnold are well-known bloggers on Facebook and other social media platform. Teachers can write articles for publication which will fetch them a lot of money at the end of the month.

Some male teachers are into Uber and bolt driving. As a teacher, your payslip can guarantee you a loan that can be used to purchase Uber cars, a teacher who closes from school after 2 pm can make it big in driving Uber or bolt especially teachers in the urban centres. There are a lot of short courses for skill training, for example, epoxy, 3D wallpaper, biogas and biodigester, liquid soap manufacturing, mushroom production and many more, teachers can take the advantage of their holidays and weekend to learn these trades and invest in it to become a millionaire.

There are a lot of teachers who have invested in their little salaries and are now millionaires. Some are into estate development, entrepreneurs, etc. Teachers should not let the president comment discouraged them, they should proof him wrong. There is a wrong perception about teachers, some are into the teaching profession to get time for their business. The president has given teachers the green light to take side jobs in addition to teaching. Teachers can take investment loans to start business while teaching, in Abossey Okai and Kumasi central market most of the businesses belongs to teachers.

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