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College Education


The SHS 3 Commercial Students.

I'm an SHS3 commercial student. I'm not suppose to be telling you this story but I think you just have to know this little dirty secret of mine. I'm a brilliant student and I always put enough hard work to my studies. I would have said I have no girlfriend but my story will judge me wrong. I'm just 17 years old and I have never had sex before not until last week Friday. Miss Joy is our economics teacher. She's beautiful and friendly to every student. Almost all the guys in the school loves her because of her big sexy ass. Sometimes I imagine having sex with miss Joy whenever she's in the class teaching. Last week Friday, during our economics class,miss Joy dropped her phone on my locker as she teaches. During the class her phone rang and she came to my front, took her phone and answered the call. The moment she dropped the phone and turned back heading towards the chalkboard,I just pressed the power button thinking her phone was locked with a password,but to my greatest shock,the moment the phone was on what I saw was pornhub. I quickly lock the phone and raised my head only for me to see miss Joy looking at me. What are you doing with my phone? She asked. I didn't know what to say so I ended up saying nothing. She came back to my front and took her phone,and unlocked it,she looked at my face and realized she didn't exit the porn site and that I've seen it. She acted as if nothing was wrong. She dropped the phone again and Went back to the chalkboard. 

I was so scared because I thought I was in trouble. After the class was over,she told me to see her after the Fellowship. It was that moment I knew I was in trouble. I started thinking of what to tell her. I couldn't think straight. I was thinking if I should tell her I saw nothing or I saw the porn site but I promise to keep my mouth shut. I wasn't even singing or clapping during the fellowship because my mind wasn't at rest. Sometimes I see miss Joy looking at me during the fellowship. I moved my eyes away from hers because I was embarrassed starring at her. When we were all sited listening to the Head Prefect giving us some Bible teaching, I saw miss Joy coming towards my direction. She came from my back,bent down,placed her two hands on my shoulders and whispered into my right ear with a soft voice "Don't worry I'm not angry with you, don't be scared okay" I gave her this fake smile to prove to her that I'm eased now. Though I was a little bit relieved because I believed her,but I kept wondering what she wanted me for after the fellowship. After about 30 minutes of the fellowship,we shared the grace and I went back to the class while other went home. I sat on my seat thinking of what would happen if I go to the staffroom. Maybe she wants to beg me to keep my mouth shut. After few minutes of thinking I decided to go see her. As I entered the staffroom I met her and the maths teacher. I greeted them and said to her "good afternoon ma, 

you said you wanted to see me after the fellowship". Yes please,I want you to help me mark this JSS1 test,I have to finish setting up the senior class exam questions today,other teachers are done and I'm the only one behind schedule. I felt so relieved as I said okay ma. I sat down opposite her and took the Tests and started marking them. JSS1 has 52 student and the test has 20 questions. Fuck! This is much oo. I have to Mark 1,040 questions. Though she said I can continue the marking tomorrow just in case I get tired. After about 5 minutes,the maths teacher left and it was just me and miss Joy in the staffroom. what did you see on my phone?. That question started making my heart beat fast. As I looked her in the face and said nothing,she smiled and asked of my age. I told her I'm 17 and she said okay. I know you saw the porn site on my phone,can we keep that a secret please? I said no problem ma. But I thought you said you saw nothing. I didn't know when I smiled at her without knowing what to say. Actually my boyfriend and I have a little misunderstanding and we haven't been seeing each other lately,so I'm just trying to keep myself busy with that site,can I ask you for a favour she asked me. Okay ma I replied. I would have promised you great results in your economics but you're a brilliant boy Dara,so anything you want Dara just tell me I promise you I'll do it for you, anything at all. But you must promise me what I'm about to ask is between us. I agreed to her condition

and the next thing,she stood up and came to where I was sitting. She shifted the test I was marking and sat on the table as she cross her legs. I could see her smooth sexy laps at my front as she romance my cheeks with her seductive hands and nails. Let's be best friends she said. At that point I knew she wanted to fuck me but I got confused when she said best friends. Well maybe she prefer to call it that. She started kissing me slowly. I felt her red lips on my lips,her tongue inside my mouth,and her saliva inside my mouth too. I usually imagine kissing to be a disgusting thing but kissing miss Joy as my first kisser wasn't disgusting. Well maybe because she's clean,smart,sexy and has class. I enjoyed kissing her though. But I tried telling her I haven't had sex before,but due to the sweetness of her tongue in my mouth I couldn't talk. She started to unbutton my shirt slowly while I placed my hands on her laps. My cock was so hard that I had to stand up. I continued kissing her as she sat on the staffroom table. I was so hard and horney that I forgot she was my teacher. I grabbed her boobs and started smooching her. I wasn't satisfied with that so I unbutton her shirt too. I could see miss Joy boobs right inside her bra. I felt like the luckiest man on Earth because I'm about to be disvirgin by the sexiest lady in the school. I went for her neck and started licking her neck. She inserted her hand under skirt,I knew she was fingering herself so I took my time to lick hers so hard as I smooched her boobs. 

The fact that my economics teacher was moaning softly gave me this believe i was doing a great job on my first day. I took off her bra and started sucking her boobs. I couldn't tell if she was enjoying it but I started sucking those boobs slowly. I rolled my tongue around her nipples as I suck them. I couldn't wait any longer to fuck her so I raised her skirt up and removed her undies,I didn't waste much time in taking off my belt. I unzipped my trouser and drew her closer,I then gently took my hard cock out and wanted to penetrate her. I didn't know what I did wrong but she smiled at me and asked if this was my first time. I said yes. She held my cock and gently inserted it into her pussy. It was so wet and tight. I really enjoyed it as I started to fuck her. I couldn't hold myself any longer due to the sweetness of her pussy. I cummed inside her pussy in just 10 minutes. I knew I didn't last long. It was my first sex but I've heard and seen online that a good sex should last at least 1hr. Don't worry I know this is your first time,I enjoyed it though she said. We dressed up and head downstairs. As we got to the gate,we met the security man and he was surprised we were still around. Can you come to my house tomorrow so I can teach you more she asked me as she winked at me with a kinda naughty smile. I agreed and told her I'll come over by 3pm

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Joy SHS 3


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