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WASSCE: Top 3 Ways Solved Questions Get Into The Examination Halls

Following the recent examination leakages in the on going WASSCE, many prominent voices have added their voices and are even wondering how apor (leaked papers) get into the examination halls. This Article examines Three main ways in which apor or answered questions get into the examination halls.

The ways answered questions get to the exam halls includes;

1. Electronically through WhatsApp

2 Manual Transmission

3. Smuggling

i. Electronically through WhatsApp

Students are allowed to go into the exam halls with mobile phones by the compromised invigilators. Answers are then transmitted to them, or to their leaders through WhatsApp which are passed on to all students.

ii) Manual Transmission:

The answers are written on pieces of paper and handed over to the Assistant Headmaster (Supervisor) who then goes around from room to room distributing them to students through their invigilators. In some instances, the compromised police officer on duty is the conduit. He goes to the exam halls to distribute the answers directly to students while invigilators turn their eyes away and pretend to see nothing going on.

It will interest one to know that Objective question answers are faster distributed than essay answers. In the case of essay type questions, two to three varieties are worked out with slight modifications in wording and layouts. The answers are then photocopied and sent to students in the exam rooms. In some instances, subject teachers enter the rooms to dictate the answers to students with some even asking the teacher to spell out the dictated answers to them.

iii. Smuggling:

In schools where invigilators refuse to be compromised by the Heads or their Assistants, answers are left in washrooms or urinals for students to go for. These answers are hidden by students in their panties, brassieres and shoes/socks and smuggled into the exam halls. Many students have mastered the act of smuggling papers into the exams halls.

Examination malpractice is a canker and a bane on our society, let's all do well to see how best we can eradicate it

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