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Checkout why a Ghanaian who holds a Masters degree and drives a taxi in Ireland is trending online.

The post is an inscription a taxi driver pasted in his car which apparently is to inform his passengers or clients about who he is, what he do and whether he likes the country or not. Apparently, it stated that, “please don’t ask futile questions I am from Ghana, now Irish citizen. Yes I like it here. I have (MBA Masters) UK degree. Pls show due esteem”. This has sparked a lot of reactions from some social media users. According to the post pasted in the car, the driver is from Ghana but currently has an Irish Citizenship. He also has an MBA degree. 

According to a section, they feel it’s rude for a taxi driver to paste the message in his car. Was he trying to shut his passengers up. Some also believe that, why should the Irish Government be issuing Irish passports to foreigners. Some also believe that Ireland is even full of foreigners which has resulted in a housing deficit.

Many people believe that the post by the Ghanaian was a wrong thing to start with since many people who pick taxi’s always want to chat with the driver. According to many the first thing passengers ask when the see an African driving is “where are you from” which is probably a nice way to start a conversation. However, the driver seem to be taking away that privilege away from his passengers. 

According to those who defended him, they believe passengers talk a lot whenever they board a taxi. To some the drivers obligation is to take the passenger to his or her destination, when that is achieved the driver has done his job. They also stated that, for the driver to actually paste that notice in his car it could mean that he was fed up being asked the same question over and over again. So he has pasted it in his car for his passengers to read and not bother him with “futile personal quizzes”. 

Content created and supplied by: KwameNtiKwame (via Opera News )

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