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New : Ghana Crashes To The Bottom In New : Ghana Crashes To The Bottom In Latest Global School Rankings.

The biggest global school rankings involving 76 countries have been published. Asian countries occupies the top five places and African countries sleeping at the tail end of the list. Singapore heads the table, followed by Hong Kong, with Ghana at the bottom.

The UK is in 20th place, among the higher achieving European countries, with the US in 28th. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) says the comparisons – based on test scores in 76 countries – show the link between education and economic growth.

Below are the rankings;

1. Singapore

2. Hong Kong

3. South Korea

Japan (joint)

4. Taiwan (joint)

6. Finland

7. Estonia

8. Switzerland

9. Netherlands

10. Canada


72. Oman

73. Morocco

74. Honduras

75. South Africa

76. Ghana

According to OECD’s education director, Andreas Schleicher, this is the first time the organization has obtained a truly global scale of the quality of education. He added that the idea is to give more countries, rich and poor, access to comparing themselves against the world’s education leaders, to discover their relative strengths and weaknesses, and to see what the long-term economic gains from improved quality in schooling could be for them.

The rankings are based on an amalgamation of international assessments, including the OECD’s Pisa tests, the TIMSS tests run by US-based academics and TERCE tests in Latin America, putting developed and developing countries on a single scale.

The global school rankings report is expected to provide evidence for next week’s World Education Forum of how achieving education targets can deliver economic gains.

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