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Education in Ghana: The Fine Line Between Freedom and Standards

Education in Ghana: The Fine Line Between Freedom and Standards 

The Probe on Joy news tv discussed the fine line between freedom and standards in Education. The show hosted by Emefa Ampawu with Michael Nsowa, Former Director General, Ghana Education Service as a guest in the studio, other guests who contributed to the discussion via zoom are: Alhaji Yacoub Abubakari, President of Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools, Bright Appiah, Executive Director, Child’s Right International, Child Right Activist and Sheila Minkah-Premo, Chairperson of the Executive Council of LAWA-Ghana.

Highlights of the of the discussions

Michael Nsowa stated that Education is not about the hair, Parents must not try to change the tradition of schools. Children must not be influenced by parents beliefs, a child who is not eighteen years should not be forced into any religion, some of us were born into catholic beliefs but we grew up in different religious beliefs. 

Michael Nsowa further stated that, GES u-turn of the directives to the headmistress of Achimota School is a misunderstanding of the procedure.

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System is used to place students into various Senior High Schools. 

Alhaji Yacoub, President of CHASS

The rules and regulations are key, a student must accept the rules to be part of the school, if a student is placed in a school, it doesn't mean the student have been admitted in the school, the student will go for Prospectus, the rules and regulations of the school are stated in the prospectus if the student agree to the rules then he or she proceed to complete the admission process.

What took place at Achimota is common in most of the Senior High Schools in the country, the school environment is for the purpose of learning, anything that will distract learning in the school is not accepted, this boy will spend a lot of time to treat his hair which will distract other students.

T. I Ahmadya is Islamic School and a lot of bishops and pastors have been trained in the school, the school gave them the option to practice their beliefs. 

On hijab, Alhaji Yacoub indicated that if you care so much about your beliefs and there is the need to protect it, that should inform you the choice of school. If you want to go to a school that is too rigid on their rules then you have to prepare yourself.

Bright Appiah, Executive Director Child Right

The law say the welfare of a child must be paramount, the school rules must be flexible for children in the school.

The mandate of Ghana Education Service is to ensure that all children of school going age must be given the opportunity irrespective of their tribe, genda and religion.

Sheila Minka-Premo,

No child shall be deprive of Education by religion or any other form, as long as there is opportunity for students to choose their school of choice, there are a lot of schools students can find their religious preference.

The law said all children must be given opportunity to go to School.

There is a clash between right to education, and school rules, The parent of the Dreadlocks students should have informed the school, the school have made arrangements for the child, there are other students with Dreadlocks in our schools. 

There are so many vacancies and many students who have not been enrolled

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