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Between These Two Students, Who Needs The Presidential Scholarship To Further His Education The Most

Ghanaian young engineers who excel in their various fields of specialization have received little or no attention. The majority of them are only popular on social media for a few weeks before being silenced by the system. Frank Darko, for example, created the water bicycle to assist schoolchildren in flood-prone areas. Since his tale aired on the BBC and CNN, no one knows what has happened to him.

Michael Asidu, often known as Inventor1, is another typical youthful inventor who could have passed on his knowledge to others. The only way to bring this country forward is through science and technology. Our educational system's theoretical component has produced no meaningful results, and it will never do so.

Kelvin Odartey's video also went viral around the world, prompting a well-known YouTuber to travel all the way from America to interview him. All that has been said about him since then is how Nana Sarfo Kantanka has enhanced his automobile. Meanwhile, Thomas Amoaning, who recently graduated from SHS with 8As, drew the attention of the president when reports surfaced that he would be unable to continue his education at a tertiary level due to a lack of financial resources.

The president immediately authorized the National Scholarship Secretariat to grant Thomas Amoanig with a full scholarship to continue his studies in the United Kingdom at Brunel Business School. The winners of the National Science and Math Quiz were asked to meet the president right away, but none of these practically clever people were invited to visit the Flagstaff House's gates.

In this region of the world, technical students are deemed academically low, while the same technical persons are mainly appreciated in highly developed countries since they bring solutions to societal problems. At the very least, the government should bring all of these folks together under one roof and give them all of the necessary tools and equipment. I'm confident they'll be able to think outside the box and come up with a solution to the country's recurring flood problem.

So the question is, between Kelvin Odartey and Thomas Amoaning, who needs to presidential scholarship to further his studies.

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