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How Students Can Prepare For WASSCE 2023

It is without doubt that this year's WASSCE candidates had it tough, and there are many reasons for why that is. The main reason is probably due to the lack of time and the number of topics they were yet to cover. This disadvantage will likely affect their results also. Supposing they had been able to totally complete their studies, passing would have been much easier.

Which of course leads us to the question of the day. How then do the next generation of WASSCE candidates prepare to take the test? I'm sure most students have plans as to how to study and manage their time, well enough so that they don't end up at a disadvantage.

With that being said, right now, solving past questions is their best bet. The reason is quite simple, because WAEC does not have time to set new questions. They only repeat questions from the previous tests. Although, take note that the questions will be given in different forms. So it will be difficult in understanding, but once you are able to grasp the concept, it should be easy enough.

In short, studying past questions and solving them will give you a great advantage in any test whatsoever.



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