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How to manage yourself well as a university fresher

Life in the university is exciting since you will be getting absolute freedom from parents and you will be doing things on your own.

Being broke isn’t a good thing at all as a university fresher. It can get you sick instantly. Make sure you stick to cooking and managing your money well on campus. You will need a menu on your own. Never follow others when they do things their way. You will regret it in the end.

Gaining a rough and shameful nickname as the university is really bad. Especially for you as a fresher. That name will forever be yours till you leave school and if care isn’t taken, you might dislike school forever. Never party too much or get drunk too much. That is when people often misbehave and forget themselves

Learn to talk and make friends easily. Avoid bragging and leaving a fake life. It will cost you a lot. Be yourself and be polite to everyone that comes your way. You shouldn’t rush to prove a point. Always respect yourself.

Visit the library often for more information on your course. Being an excellent student at the university isn’t easy because of the number of distractions in your way. Party today, party tomorrow and part after party. Look smart and tell yourself “NO” when you really know you have something to do.

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