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"May God Help This Generation" - See What Girls Were Caught Doing in Public That's Causing Reactions

The system of education in Africa is no more encouraging at all. During the old days, research has it that the educational system was far cheaper and better than nowadays. A lot of things need to be corrected so that the students will not suffer after paying a huge amount of money for schooling.

Women are considered fragile, they should not be seen going through this type of stress to get what they need, especially in public when a lot of people are watching them. The manner at which they struggle to do this is most worrying, and it is not good enough at all.

This set of young ladies were seen early in the morning struggling unnecessarily to fetch water for their daily use. This occurred in a female hostel boarding house where many female students were suffering and fighting against each other in order to get some water to bath and cook their food.

Some of them were even seen climbing on top of a big tank to insert a bowl so that they would be able to bring some water out of it because the level of the water is already down. After seeing the pictures, a lot of people were not happy with it and were so disappointed to see students who paid a huge amount of money to suffer this way.

Sincerely speaking, it would be very harsh to fault the ladies because had it been the government had provided adequate water for them, it would never have turned this way.

Here is how people reacted online:

Some social media online users say there is nothing wrong about it that it is part of school experience, but for me, I don't think it's appropriate to make them suffer after paying their school fees.

What do you think needs to be done to eradicate this type of suffering in our schools? Your opinion is important to us.

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