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When Senior High School girls went too far with the "squatting dance"

Education is the key to success and therefore taking the youth to school is a step forward to seeing progress as a country.

Education teaches people and prepares them for proper jobs in future. Basically, it shapes the lives of people but like every other thing, there is a degree of disadvantage associated with them. These disadvantages I am talking about can change the core reason for which the person went to school

Sometimes when you listen to the life story of people who made a great mistake in life and are currently struggling to shape their "messed up" life, you do notice that the downfall of some of them started in school.

What then must be in schools which is preventing students from achieving their set goals in life?

Upon analysing this, I have realised that the school is a place where students socialize with other people. The friends these students choose sometimes determines where their future is heading towards. It's either you choose a good one or a bad one.

Friends do influence people a lot. Many people are drinking and smoking not because they want to, but because they couldn't resist the peer pressure in school.

This article takes us back to when students, in their quest for creating " entertainment" ended up creating something unexpected. Trust me, all of these videos went viral and Ghanaians couldn't stop talking about them. Take a look at some of the pictures

Imagine being an African parent, moving online and seeing your daughter on the screens displaying the "twerk" dance. Is it going to make you feel good or bad?

Yeah, I know it is just a dance but this is Ghana. Our culture is different from the whites. What might be cool there might never be cool over here. If you think this is cool just because we borrowed it from another culture, why then do you think smoking is bad?

This girl below was so into the moment that she even forgot she was almost going "nakett".

Is this the way forward? Are these our future leaders? These beautiful girls were taken to school to acquire knowledge, establish relationships and make life a better place. Here they are giving the world what they "learnt" in school.

Let me give you a little history about this dance they are displaying. This is a type of dance which emerged in the late 1980s. It was derived from the bounce music scene of New Orleans.

The dancers moved by thrusting their hips back and forth or shaking their backsides often in a low squatting position.

Well, these girls moved New Orleans to Africa.

What are these acts communicating to the world? Imagine a "bad teacher" comes to the classroom to teach and meets these girls in the squatting position displaying their dance skills. What does it tell him? Can it later lead to him, forcing relationships on these girls?

Can it contribute to rape someday?

This has never been our culture. Is it right seeing young girls display such acts? You can make me know in the comments. Please don't forget to hit the like and follow buttons.

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