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Checkout the highest paying jobs you can pursue when you do General Science

Science is the method of obtaining knowledge through observation and experimentation. Science is a subject that isn't that difficult but dumb ones can't do because it requires effective studying and concentration.

There are lots of jobs in the world that pays high and others pay low. Lots of people are normally into the highest paying jobs. Others do the job not for the love of money but for the love of the job. In this article, I am going to show you his highest paying jobs you can pursue when you do General Science.

1. Nurses

I hope we all know what nurses do, some people mistook nurse as a female but no, nurse is for genders but doctors are higher than nurses in terms of their pay and their work. Nurses are not professionals bit doctors are, nurses are paid over GHC20,000 when you have a certificate and over 40,000 when you have a diploma.

2. Doctors.

Doctors are specialized and professionals, they do lots of work than nurses, they are paid over GhC 120,000. Nurses can become doctors if they further their education.

3. Surgeons

Surgeons are those that do surgeries. They are paid over GHC 200,000.

4. Teachers

When you do General Science, you can become a teacher in a government school and earn GHC 2,000.

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