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How to prepare adequately for an exam with just a few days

It’s the dreams and ambitions of every student to become successful in his/her exams by obtaining good grades but how to study and achieve such dreams with just some few days to the exams is sometimes hard for students…

Here are some guides to help you through

1.Determine your strength and weakness.

You should be able to recognized your strengths and shortcomings a long time ago before the exams. However, it’s worth revisiting the list now. If you’ve been focusing on improving your weaknesses, you’ll notice that your strengths and weaknesses will have to shift in relation to one another.You should refocus your attention on your remaining shortcomings at this stage

2.Take breaks and study in concentrated bursts.

By now, you should have a good idea of how long you’ll concentrate before taking a risk. This could take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour.Using a timer to keep track of your focused study sessions and breaks (don’t get distracted by social media and fail to return to your studies).

3. Select a subject for each study session.

Start each study session with a clear idea about what you’ll be focusing on in a short period of time. Don’t just lie down and say, “I need to get some revision completed,” without understanding what you’ll be reading.

4.Seek help with anything you’ve not been able to understand.

Follow your Lectures or TAs with questions you don’t get it , find a textbook in the library or online to help you understand every aspect of the teaching syllables since it’s your duty to do so as a student.

5.Get much Sleep 😴

Get enough rest in order to feel revived whenever you sit down to read something in your books. if you keep on skipping to sleep when it’s time to sleep, you’re constantly cheating yourself from new idea generation since new mind sets comes to head when the brain is relaxed

6. Develop a strategy that will help you recall everything you’ve learnt throughout your preparation.

7. Most importantly, remember to constantly pray to God to grant you protection, strength and retentive memory for every paper for without God , we’re Nobody.

Wishing you Good luck with your exams

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