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School board unanimously approves to rename school after a 17-year-old student who died mysterious

School board unanimously approves to rename school after a 17-year old student who died mysterious

The School Board of Bright Educational Complex has unanimously approved to name Bright Educational Complex (BEC) after one of its student who died while writing her final exams. The board in an emergency meeting yesterday, voted to approve the naming of the school after the 17-year old student. The board aims to bring unity and hope to every member of the school including stakeholders, of which the family of the late student is part. Bright Educational Complex will from 1 July 2021, be named after Callista Yeboah Adutwumaa, a student who died while writing her final exams in November 2020.

Callista Yeboah Adutwumaa, 17, died in November last year when she was in the examination room writing her final paper. Callista was halfway through the questions for the theory when she placed her head on the desk and never woke up again. Droplets of blood were seen coming from her nostrils when invigilators went to her seat to find out why her head was on the table. She was already dead when they found her.

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Callista Yeboah was one of the brilliant students of Bright Educational Complex before her death. She was among the top twenty students the school was hoping to get at least, 7ones from. Callista was also the favourite among her colleagues as she brought laughter and fun to everyone. She will usually crack jokes in answering class questions when the class was dull, and that made them name her, Drama Queen because of her ability to make everyone laugh.

Callista according to an autopsy report from Ejisu Government hospital, suffered a cardiac arrest which ended her life at the exams hall. Her heart suddenly started beating slow, making her gasp for air. She was halfway through her questions when the sudden incident happened. She couldn't continue answering the questions and laid her head on the table, hoping for her heart to calm down.

She was a sickle cell patient and the doctor believes that also counted for her sudden death. The mother of Callista confirmed that, she was on folic acid which she usually takes in the morning before taking her bath, and it was with this folic acid that doctors linked her death to.

The folic acid Callista took from the autopsy revealed that, they had expired and the young student might have not known they were expired before taking it. The expired drug triggered her heart capillaries, which stopped the blood flow of blood to her heart, leading to her death.

One woman Angelina Ofori was arrested for selling the expired folic acid to Callista, two days before her death. Though the drugs Callista took were expired but the drugs found at the pharmacy shop of Angelina were all confirmed to be different, not expired. Angelina is still in police remand pending a court hearing in August 2021.

Callista's death, shock the entire school causing fear and panic to students and parents. The school was relieved of shock when the autopsy report lead to the death of the expired drugs Callista took. In anticipation to win the students and people of Ejisu back, the school board of Bright Educational School has unanimously voted to approve the renaming of Bright Educational Complex to Callista Educational Complex which will take effect on 1 July 2021.

In making the announcement, the school board chairman Dr Osei Manu recounted how the school has been supportive of students since its establishment in 1997. He empathised that, the naming of the school was to bring confidence and solidarity between parents, students, the school and the community.

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