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Do you wish to excel in your academics? Find out the only secret to academic excellence

As a youth in the Kingdom of God, we are expected to be light in every aspect of our lives. In every endeavour as sons and daughters of the Lord, we are expected to be in the lead and bring glory and honour to the Lord God Almighty as we stir up ourselves to excel in whatever opportunities that he blesses us with. I have had some encounters with people and mostly what they say is, "If I get the opportunity to be a student. I wouldn't joke with my academics." Don't wait till it is too late. Make good use of this opportunity and excel.

We must see Academics as a sphere to be dominated by the youth. We have all it takes to lead in our academics but we must humbly submit ourselves to the task first. The Word of God says that we can lead when we rise up. Nothing happens without any effort applied to it. Now, the question is How do I rise up, shine as a young academician? You must give yourself diligently in the study of your course. Until you find an answer to the question you are answering, you don't rest. You must make thorough search and press on to research till you find the answer. Every high flyer is a committed and dedicated worker in his field. Good preparation prior to examination or any assigned task is a sign of rising up to be the light God has desired for you.

Prayer with works is a very good advantage. Lean on the Lord to be graced with victory and success without stress. Observe these: Respect school authorities, follow rules and regulations, attend classes, participate in all school activities, study and revise, pray and write all examinations and all things shall be added unto you to shine forth in your academics. Make time for studies and be diligent. Do not use times for studies for other things.


 Dear father, impart me with wisdom to shine forth with academic excellence in Jesus name. 

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